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on: December 06, 2019, 01:49:04 PM
So I know a few people other than myself has been wanting a news ticker back on the users online page.

So here is the new version of the news ticker. I went with a different design, the last one just wasn't living up to what I was hoping it to be.
I had to get a little help with this one as the coding was just out of place. I was to busy with the holiday coming and a few other things I'm dealing with in regards of getting time to try to figure it out myself. I got it for most part however. So thanks to the one who assisted to that.

Just click on the scrolling post, and it should load up straight to the forum to be able to read the message in full.  For now the ticker is designed to refresh for new posts every 10 minutes. I might change that time  later on, but I believe that is a good amount.

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